Founder’s Story

Founder’s Story

A few years ago, I never saw the difference between having a yellow fin tuna steak or some grilled chicken for lunch 다운로드. In fact I wouldn’t have known what a yellow fin tuna was. My diet back then consisted of the fastest food I could grab off a counter. Fried? Even better Admin password resetter download. And no, I never missed out on the extra cheese and bacon. The only thing I missed out on was regular exercise. I was young and invincible till one day, as these things usually happen to hit you quite unexpectedly, tragedy struck 다운로드.

A very close family member’s demise made me face the harsh truth of what lay ahead for me, if I did not change my ways. What that realization triggered was a series of events that completely changed my life for the better 목소리톡.

I focused on a healthier lifestyle I kicked off my transformation at a gym, following a regular routine. I lost 10kg amazingly fast and was thrilled with the results, determined to lose even more 다운로드. However, the numbers refused to drop from that point onwards, no matter how hard I tried. I refused to give up and researched on what I could be doing wrong, or what I could be doing better.

Food. I realized that by controlling the types of food I ate and the number of meals I consumed, I could effectively trim my generous girth, and maintain my leaner frame. The results became quite obvious over the months, and in a short timespan of two years, I had lost a total of 45kg. The self-confidence was back!

As easy as it was to get a new wardrobe a few sizes smaller, I also realized how difficult it was for me to stick to a healthy diet due to the lack of knowledge and awareness of healthy food, complementary exercise, and most importantly the lack of options on where to eat!

Losing weight itself is not an easy task, as it requires commitment and self-motivation, along with considerable changes in your lifestyle. As my workouts became more and more rigorous, I needed some equally revolutionary eating habits to compliment my exercise. Away from home, I could not zero in on one single restaurant or café that offered healthy meals or healthier replacements of my previous diet.

Another trigger, and I began my research. I analyzed what I should eat to balance my lifestyle, and also consume the optimum mix of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables each day. My home became a laboratory. Slowly but surely, with the support of my wife, each dish we made was added to a list of healthy meals, mixes and options.

Eventually, I had an elaborate list of healthy meal options, and I realized that there were others out their just like me who are struggling to find a restaurant that serves healthy meals to suit a life-altering transformation, and Calorie Counter was born.

Calorie Counter is Sri Lanka’s first authentic health food restaurant chain, offering the calorie count of every meal you order, so that you yourself can schedule your meals according to your very own pace of a healthier lifestyle. Each ingredient we incorporate into each meal has a purpose, and is built on the big 3 macronutrients that our bodies need: fat, proteins and carbohydrates. At Calorie Counter we mix science and imagination to bring you the best tasting food that we can offer.

Having established ourselves as the first and only fully fledged health restaurant chain in Sri Lanka, we are expanding now to cater to a broader audience. We signed on our first franchisee outlet in Kuwait, and will soon be adding a couple restaurants in the Maldives and Australia, elevating our brand on a global scale. More good things are yet to come!

Thank you for letting me share my story with you, and I hope that in some way, together with Calorie Counter, I can be part of your journey to become a healthier, happier and energetic version of yourself.

Eat healthy, Stay healthy go Healthy!

Duaine Peiris

Managing Director